The first one

Remember, remember first of December.

This is my first post. First December seemed as a nice date to start my personal blog. I’ve tried to start various blogs in my past, but I had zero success rate till now. Somehow I find it hard to persist at writing regularly. You see, writing has never been my passion. Once I even got an F for my essay, back in primary school.

But I feel this blog will be something different. I’ll write about my passions, programming, web development and a lot of other topics that interest me. There is thousands of ideas on my mind and I am determined to publish them. Primary reason is feedback from other people. I’ve stumbled on this quote recently and it motivated me to push forward:

Writing is a way of organizing thought. Publishing is a way of receiving feedback.

Of course there will be criticism but I deliberatively wan’t to provoke it. Again a quote motivated me:

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

Nobody wants to be nothing. I personally wan’t to excel at what I do. This blog will log my ride to excellence. You are free to join :).