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Direct, smart and brutally honest, Alek is a natural problem solver. His analytical skills will make you addicted to his advice and he can find solution to your problem faster than you can say Ćevapčići. So, if you lose your car keys don't hesitate to contact Alek. He can both design and implement a software solution for finding your keys. And if you ask him politely, he may even turn it into a highly scalable web service.

The first one

Remember, remember first of December.

This is my first post. First December seemed as a nice date to start my personal blog. I’ve tried to start various blogs in my past, but I had zero success rate till now. Somehow I find it hard to persist at writing regularly. You see, writing has never been my passion. Once I even got an F for my essay, back in primary school.

But I feel this blog will be something different. I’ll write about my passions, programming, web development and a lot of other topics that interest me. There is thousands of ideas on my mind and I am determined to publish them. Primary reason is feedback from other people. I’ve stumbled on this quote recently and it motivated me to push forward:

Writing is a way of organizing thought. Publishing is a way of receiving feedback.

Of course there will be criticism but I deliberatively wan’t to provoke it. Again a quote motivated me:

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

Nobody wants to be nothing. I personally wan’t to excel at what I do. This blog will log my ride to excellence. You are free to join :).