I have 10 days to bring an open source project to life

I am on a vacation until January, 23rd. Vuhu!

And you know what that means. Gym workouts every morning to make the spine muscles strong again. Relaxing afternoons on the good old couch. A quick walk in the park. And at last, a time to work on something that doesn’t have $$$‘s written on it. It’s been all capitalism for me in the past few years and a hippie college days were long gone. I want to do something for the open source community for a change.

Contributing to the open source has always been my desire. But times were tough and I only recently gained financial independence to stand on my own two feet. In the mean time I’ve been using open source software and made my living out of it. Even this post is written in a Firefox running on a Ubuntu installation. But enough about me let’s talk about the project.

Every day for the next ten days I will work on a open source project. I will use this blog to document as much as I can of my decision making process. This includes strategic decisions, requirements gathering, diagrams, architectural decisions, code samples, guides and anything else that I think will be interesting for a community to know and get a feedback on. I will try to put my knowledge, experience, and creativity to good use and you will be given an opportunity to witness the birth of an open source project.

I will try to make continuous stream of posts everyday:

  • For every open source project good documentation is crucial, and this is a step in a right direction
  • You will be given opportunity too give feedback and influence project future
  • We can collectively learn by discussing project development and learning from each other
  • Future users will know why is something implemented in a certain way
  • And interest from the community(if any) will give me a will to continue with my undertaking

And now on to the crucial thing that I need your feedback on. What project idea should I undertake? What software does the community need that I can fulfill with my field of expertise? Do you remember any library that you wanted to have and thought: “Oh, it would be cool if there was an open source project that implemented this for me”? I have an idea set on my mind and I will go on with it if there are no other options. But I would like to hear other opinions about this.

Also I am aware that 10 days isn’t much, but in my opinion it will be enough to get the basic stuff done and get to the version 0.1. Later on I will continue to maintain the project and hopefully get it to the version 1.0.

Like any other attention seeking blogger I will submit this post to Hacker News and Reddit because those two communities are the ones I respect the most and would like to hear their opinion so you can discuss this post over there.

If you are interested to be involved in the project then you should contact me on twitter and subscribe to keep yourself updated.

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