Ecomapi: Finding all of the use cases

This is the third post in creating an open source project series.

In order to better understand the system and organize the project in optimal way it is always a good idea to include Use Cases in project analyses. In simple terms, use case represents a system functionality initiated from the user of the system in order to achieve a certain goal. Prerequisite for finding all of the use cases is understanding who are the users of the system. Let’s follow the standards and call them Actors. This is because they act on the system, but they actually represent a role that the concrete user can have.

Like on any other journey it is always easier when someone else walked the same path before you. In this case there are plenty of eCommerce offerings on the market currently. They were very useful in helping me recognize an already established and proven list of actors and use cases for the problem at hand.

In my analysis I found three actors and around fifty use cases (google docs spreadsheet). That is a lot of work for me to do in this short span of time. So I am going to organize the list a bit and reduce it to necessary use cases only.

More on this in the next post.

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