Always finish what you started

Past year was a very productive for me. I’ve been working as a web developer for a small Belgrade agency called KlanRUR. They base their business around computer games and my responsibility was everything that had to do with their websites. I was happy, worked with a bunch of really great people and the pay was acceptable. But something bothered me.

You see, I left college in order to get this job because I needed the money at the time. And whenever a thought about unfinished studies came to my mind I became depressed. That thought was something that was sitting at the back of my brain holding me back from dedicating myself completely to the job at hand. Decision to leave my employer at the time, was inevitable.

So I saved some money, set a New Year as a deadline for finishing my studies and resigned. But listen to this.

The very last day behind my desk, as I was packing my stuff and preparing to leave, my mobile phone rang. A gentle female voice on the other end of the line informed me that I was selected for a first round of interview at online startup Vast.

There were some job openings during August at Vast and I applied for a position of front end developer. And they were calling me like 2 months later. Completely forgot about them. To tell you the truth I was excited at first. My first thought was screw studies, I am only finishing them so I can work at a company like Vast.

It turns out I am not an idiot so I passed the first round. The second round was like a small test project done from home. I’ve received an assignment trough email and had 2 hours to send back a complete solution. Nothing really hard but somehow, I have managed to blew it. You see, I use a mobile internet, so I share ip address with everyone in the area who owns a mobile phone or mobile internet. Consequently the only response I was receiving from Twitter API was that I used up all of my API calls. It was very frustrating.

I managed to hack something up, and sincerely that was a complete pile of rubbish. I knew I’am not going trough this round. But that did’t kept me from fixing the project the next day. And it won’t keep me from publishing it on this blog.

In the next few days I will publish a series of posts which will hopefully explain, how you can finish this assignment yourself. Basically these posts are going to be tutorials about php, javascript, jquery and css, so stay tuned.

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